Lisa Copeland Onsite Seminar: What Motivates Me?

Lisa Copeland Culture Authority
Lisa Copeland, The Culture Authority, understands every aspect of high performance teams, and brings that to your business with The Culture Works. Lisa’s webinars help to stop entitlement in its tracks, with stories from Lisa’s experience, her no-nonsense leadership philosophy, and cornerstone points for real-world application. Begin your organization’s What Motivates Me journey by gathering your teams for a day of discussion, exercise and instruction. Based on the latest research and case...

Order The Motivators Assessment from Lisa Copeland

Motivators Assessment Culture Works
Learn how to leverage your knowledge of the 23 Motivators and 5 Identities to hire the best fit for your team. Wouldn't you love to know if a potential employee were a good fit before hiring them? Understand your candidates’ motivators and cultural fit before you extend an offer. Let The Culture Works vet your candidates’ cultural and motivational fit. Pricing is for each The Motivators Assessment administered. Complete the Talent Screening experience by adding What Motivates Me Exec...

Women in Automotive Conference Taps Industry Thought-Leaders for Inaugural Conference

Lisa Copeland Coach
Tammy Darvish PenFed, Lisa Copeland Fiat Alfa Romeo of Austin and Shea Holbrook professional race car driver announced as headline speakers. The first-ever Women in Automotive Convention will draw upon top female success stories as it assists the automotive community in recruiting, retaining and developing female employees and leaders. Women make up just 17% of employees at auto dealerships according to NADA – and organizers of the conference are working diligently to raise this number, begin...

Lisa Copeland Earns Outstanding Business Leader Award

Lisa Copeland Crushing Mediocrity
  Lisa Copeland leads #1 sales at Fiat of Austin With the first female CEO of an American carmaker breaking the glass ceiling just this year, we here at Buying Cars Her Way think it’s safe to say that the car industry tends to be a boys’ club. Lisa Copeland, the founder of this site, understands the obstacles women have to overcome in such a male-oriented industry and will set the example for women industry-wide by receiving the 34th Annual Outstanding Business Leader Award to rec...